SAP GUI 7.10 Download | Patch 21 Added

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SAP GUI for Windows CDs and patches are no longer available on

Before downloading SAP GUI 7.10, make sure your pc meets the requirements from the following table

SAP GUI 7.10 System Requirements

Required Recommended
Windows Vista
Processor 800+ MHz 1+ GHz
Memory 512 MB 1GB
Windows XP
Processor 233+ MHz 500+ MHz
Memory 64 MB 192 MB
Windows 2000
Processor 200+ MHz 500+ MHz
Memory 128 MB 192 MB

You have to use the official download sites on SAP Service Marketplace (User-ID required).

  • SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 CDs (Compilations) can be found here
  • SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 Patches can be found here

(Thanks to Manu for the links above)

Other Download Links (Try to use download manager in any case of interruption)

SAP GUI 7.10 Download Links:

Download SAP Gui 7.10 and Latest Patch Level 21

SAP GUI For Java

SAP GUI 7.20 version is released. You can download it from here.

41 Responses to “SAP GUI 7.10 Download | Patch 21 Added”

  1. eddai says:

    yes Jack, SAP has removed downloads from their site..some other links may also not work..they are outdated..i should upload links, will do when i have regards

  2. jack says:

    thanx ed dai

  3. eddai says:

    Download links for SAP Gui updated, also patch level 12 added

  4. jack says:

    hello ed, alternative link for sap gui 710 works but the other does not. thank you

  5. jack says:

    now the other is working :) thanks again

  6. Vishal Patil says:

    The link is for windows or for linux platform?
    How to install it on windows?

  7. eddai says:

    was for windows but not anymore..SAP has removed download links for Gui releases. You can try other links

  8. SAP Tutorial says:

    Thanks eddai

  9. Srilu says:

    I installed the SAP GUI successfully. But I am unable to log in. What is the Default Log in and Password for Client : 001 in IDES ECC 6.0.;
    When I created Shortcuts, The system automatically generated my Home PC Credentials. But the same Password is not working. Please Help. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall?

  10. eddai says:

    installing newer GUI does not change your password. you should be able to use the same password you used to before. i don’t have any idea about your problem~

  11. Manu says:

    SAP GUI for Windows CDs and patches are no longer available on
    Please use the official download sites on SAP Service Marketplace (User-ID required).

    SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 CDs (Compilations) can be found here:

    SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 Patches can be found here:

  12. eddai says:

    Hi Manu, thanks for SAP Marketplace links..As i have no login there, i can not provide links. Will add your additions to my post.

  13. Thanks for the post.
    Eddai, congratulations for your blog!

  14. Matthew says:

    Eddai – best SAP resource center on the net. Impressive. Keep it up.

  15. eddai says:

    Thanks for your compliments Matthew. I hope you will always find useful documents here.

  16. Kim says:

    Hi eddai,

    Thanks for the links to SAPGui. I needed it again but i didnt have a sap-id.
    Great work


  17. Sean says:

    Thanks for all the links and resources, it helps a lot. Impressive.

  18. Andres says:

    Hi. I do have a SID, but I couldn’t find the patches anywhere on SAP’s service marketplace. Thanks to you I could here!


    I downloaded patch 14, but I have no clue on how to install it. Any help? There are only a bunch of pdb files.

  19. aaron says:

    patch 14 does not have executables

  20. vtly says:

    Where should i put these files? Can’t find the same in the folder of gui…

  21. eddai says:

    which files you mean ?
    if you say for Patch 14, as per my knowledge pdb files are only for debugging purposes.

    from what SAP Note 503115 says

    The SAP Service Marketplace contains, in addition to the actual Support Package file for the SAP GUI (for example, GUI610.EXE), another file with a “pdb” extension (for example, 610_PDB.EXE).
    The PDB file is ONLY required when requested by SAP Support (it contains important debugging information for SAP GUI “crashes”). The OSS message issued with each problem contains more information on how to handle the PDB file.

    you do not need to install them, either you can copy them into SAP GUI directory.

  22. Daniel says:

    Hi, how can I identify wich is the latest patch installed in my SAP CRM (server and GUI)?

    Thanks in advance.

  23. Farhan says:

    hi eddie…this is farhan…I am new to SAP. Have 4 years IT working experience and now have started learning ABAP..I have the training pdfs, but can I get some trial SAP net wiever 7 software so that I can download (wid installation instructions)nd instal and practice on it….looking forword for your promt reply…thanks… email is

  24. Sunette says:

    hi, Our company is currently running on SAP GUI version 640. What should I download to upgrade it to SAP GUI version 710?

    Thank you in advance

  25. João says:

    Do you know if this gui work with minisap?

    I just installed ABAP demo, and got access to BW, but I want to make some experiences with Bex Analyzer and SAP ODBO connectors to integrate with MS tools.

  26. DD says:

    Thanks for providing the SAP GUI download.

    I installed SAP Java GUI ver 710. I am looking for the SAP Java GUI patches for the GUI. The patches provided in this site seems to be for windows GUI and not Java Gui.

    Can any one of you point me to a location where I can download patches for SAP Java GUI ?


  27. Thaïs says:


    I have downloaded SAPGUI 710 but tells me the installation has 4 errors. After checking them, the files mentioned are in the folder, don´t understand why it gives me the errors.
    Could you shed some light?
    Many thanks for your time and help, much appreciated.

  28. Lindsay says:

    I would like to play around on the SAP system to learn ABAP. Is there a universal client to access and do this?

  29. missjais says:

    this is my first time to install sap gui 7.0 free download. Installation was successful but when i tried to log in saplogon with client 001 : it is asking for username and password? This is my first time so please help me to login with what username and password?

  30. Sukriti says:

    Can you please provide a download link for SAP GUI 7.20.

  31. someone says:

    why does sap’s download manager suck so bad? we always have so much trouble with it. thank you for links.

  32. body says:

    patch level 18 is out now

  33. yzmercan says:

    uploaded it.. you can download it now

  34. sudheer says:

    hi frnds,
    i need virsa tools for 4.7EE.where can i find these tools to download,
    please help me to find
    thanks in advance.

  35. Venkat says:


    Could someone help me with the installation guides and Administration manuals for SAP NetWeaver 7.0/7.1.

    Thanks in adance

  36. Tony says:

    Many thanks for the Patch 19 download, it works withour Premium accounts now.

    I just heard that patch 20 is out, do you know if you will be offereing that for download?

    Many thanks for your wonderful site.

  37. Tony says:

    Thanks for the Patch 20 download, you always come through :-)

    Great work!

  38. chandu says:

    Thanks a lot dude. Have been waiting for this from the past 45 days

  39. satish says:

    hi everyone..

    i am using BI system..i had installed gui 7.20 provided above…but my issue is that while opening a query from bex analyzer i get following errors

    you dont have sufficient authorization for infoprovider XXXXX
    function module /SDF/AL_MAP_TRANSID_LOGH doesnot exit

    and when i executing tcode RRMX i got status message microsoft is not installed; install microsoft excel viewer..but i am able to navigate to bex analyzer

    i am not even able to open a query from bex query designer even….

    i had gone the forum but i couldnt find solution in particular with BI.
    i had even applied directly patch 9 that is provided in the links

  40. cscheema says:

    Thanks for the Patch 20 download

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