SAP GUI 7.20 Download for Windows & Mac & Patch Level 14 (New) Added

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Released on 2nd week of April 2010, Windows 7 and Office 2010 compatible SAP GUI 7.20 is available to download on SAP Marketplace.

For the new features come with SAP GUI 7.20 please have a look at SAP GUI forums on SDN. If you don’t have access to SAP Marketplace, you can also find download link below.

Download SAP GUI 7.20 for Windows

Download SAP GUI 7.20 Latest Patch Level 14

Download SAP GUI 7.20 Java for MAC OS

SAP GUI 7.3 version is released. You can download it from here.

13 Responses to “SAP GUI 7.20 Download for Windows & Mac & Patch Level 14 (New) Added”

  1. Chandu says:

    Hey! dude where is patch level 6 and 7.Please try to upload them

  2. chandu says:

    Dude,, Please post patch level 8…. Waiting ….Daily checking ur website for the link. Patch level 8 was released on 14th September

  3. jh.park says:

    thank you.

  4. Chandu says:

    Dude waiting for patch level 10 of sap gui 7.2

  5. Mp says:

    Thanks. Wanted Patch level 10. It is released right…thanks in advance

  6. Java says:

    don’t see SAP GUI for Java 7.2 in your download either… please upload too… thanks!!

  7. yzmercan says:

    Hi Java,
    just added file of SAP GUI 7.2 for java.. the file contains patch level 3.. will upload patch level 7 as soon as I get it..

  8. Java says:

    Thanks, yzmercan! look forward to patch level 7.

  9. sam says:

    Thanks for SAPGUI Software

  10. Kofi says:

    Is there a SAP GUI for MAC books (Apple laptops)?

  11. yzmercan says:

    @kofi, yes.. please download SAP GUI for Java files for MAC..

  12. Marco says:


  13. Marco says:

    bedankt voor de upload

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