How to Monitor SAP Systems

This document is intended for all persons who are responsible to monitor Production Systems in SAP. Following activities are explained in detail with screenshots:

  • Check SAP Process Overview [tc] SM51/ SM50 [/tc]
  • System Wide Work Process Overview [tc]SM66[/tc]
  • Users Logged On [tc]AL08/ SM04[/tc]
  • Spool Requests [tc]SP01[/tc]
  • Check SAP Locks [tc]SM12[/tc]
  • Check for Updates [tc]SM13[/tc]
  • Check System Log [tc]SM21[/tc]
  • Check Background Jobs [tc]SM37[/tc]
  • SAP Buffers [tc]ST02[/tc]
  • Workload Analysis [tc]ST03[/tc]
  • Operating System Monitor [tc]ST06[/tc]
  • ABAP Dump Analysis [tc]ST22[/tc]
  • Database Analysis [tc]ST04[/tc]
  • Check Database Performance[tc]DB0[/tc]2
  • Check E-Mail and Fax Messages [tc]SOST[/tc]
  • Check for failed IDOCs [tc]WE02/ WE05[/tc]

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