Daily SAP Basis Activities Guide for Beginners

After reading this comprehensive material, you will get an overview for the most used SAP Basis Activities for the following processes;

  • Active Servers [tc]SM51[/tc]
  • Work process overview [tc]SM50[/tc]
  • User Overview [tc]SM04[/tc]
  • Active Users [tc]Al08[/tc]
  • System Logs [tc]SM21[/tc]
  • ABAP runtime error/ ABAP dumps [tc]ST22[/tc]
  • Client Administration
  • User Management [tc]SU01[/tc]
  • RFC Destination [tc]SM59[/tc]
  • System Profiles [tc]RZ10[/tc]
  • Logon Group  (Logon Load Balancing) [tc]SMLG[/tc]
  • Lock Entries [tc]SM12[/tc]
  • Background Job management [tc] SM36[/tc] / [tc]SM37[/tc]
  • Update Management [tc]SM13[/tc]
  • Kernel Upgrade Step by Step

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