Step by Step SAP PP End User Manual

This document contains step-by-step set of instructions with screenshots for the most commonly used SAP Production Planning processes. Instructions may not be broken down into much details but it will still be a good reference for PP End Users.

A list of major topics covered in this step-by-step SAP material is below;

  • Check Scheduling Agreement [tc]MD04[/tc]
  • Check Stock Of Material [tc]MMBE[/tc]
  • Exploded BOM View [tc]CS11[/tc]
  • Reservation Creation: By Manual Creation Through MB21, Reservation Display [tc]MB25[/tc], Stock Transfer Posting [tc]MB26 [/tc], By Manual Creation Through [tc]MB1B [/tc]
  • Check Bill Of Material [tc]CS03[/tc]: Checking Standard BOM, Adding An Alternative BOM
  • Check Routing – [tc]CA03[/tc]: Checking Standard Routing, Adding An Alternative Routing
  • Production Order Creation – Manual [tc]CO01[/tc]
  • Shop Floor Printing – Production Order [tc]CO04[/tc]
  • Production Order Confirmation [tc]CO11N [/tc]
  • Quality Inspectation [tc]QA32[/tc]
  • Production Order Settlement [tc]KO88[/tc]
  • Production Order (Technically Complete) [tc]CO02[/tc]
  • Check Production Order Reports
  • Production Order – Through Demand Management
  • MRP – For Planned Order + Purchase Requisition

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SAP Production Planning (PP) User Training Manual

This training manual provides a step-by-step to SAP PP Processes with all steps having screenshots and clear instructions. See below the outline of the document:

  • Master Data In PP Module
  • Bill Of Material (Bom)
  • Work Center
  • Routing
  • Planned Independent Requirements
  • MRP
  • Stock/ Requirements List
  • Production Order Execution & Production Order Change
  • Capacity Planning
  • Capacity Overload
  • Capacity Leveling- Work Center View( Tabular), Capacity Leveling (Graphical), Capacity Leveling (Orders)
  • Goods Issue & Goods Issue (Reversal)
  • Production Order Confirmation & Canceling Production Order Confirmation
  • Goods Receipt For An Order
  • Stock Overview
  • Production Order Information System
  • Collective Conversion Of Planned Orders
  • Rework Orders

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SAP R/3 ECC 6.0 PP End-User Manuals – Part 1

It has been a long time since i posted Production Planning related documents, information. Sorry for the few posts under PP, i will try to post more as i get more. I decided share some end-user manuals in two part. I do not need to create a series like i did for SAP Press Books Sample Chapters Collection as this will not last long. Here is the first part which you will find step-by-step guides with accompanying screen shots and notes for

  1. Demand Management
  2. Capacity Planning
  3. Routing
  4. Work Centre

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