SAP HR Organizational Management User Manual

Organizational Management in SAP is based on the concept that each element in an organization represents a stand-alone object with individual characteristics. These objects are created and maintained separately, then linked together through relationships to form a network which has the flexibility to handle human resource forecasting, and reporting.

In this SAP HR User Manual, you will find introductory and HR data maintaining notes of following topics,

  • Building Blocks in Organizational Management
  • Relationships between the Organizational Management Objects
  • Organization and Staffing Changes [tc]PPOME[/tc]
  • Creating Organizational Unit [tc]PO10[/tc]
  • Creating Positions[tc]PO13[/tc]
  • Creating Job [tc]PO03[/tc]
  • Attaching Person to Position[tc]PO13[/tc]

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