SAP MM Inventory Management Sim Video Tutorials Package

Similar to Purchasing Video Tutorials I shared before, in this post you will find step-by-step guides for the commonly used Inventory Management related processes in SAP. You can see some of them below;

  • Create / Change / Display Reservation [tc]MB21[/tc], [tc]MB22[/tc], [tc]MB23[/tc]
  • Goods Receipt Reference to Purchase Order [tc]MIGO[/tc]
  • Goods Receipt into GR Blocked Stock [tc]MIGO[/tc]
  • Goods Release from Blocked Stock [tc]MIGO[/tc]
  • Return Delivery from Blocked Stock [tc]MIGO[/tc]
  • Goods Issue Reference to Reservation [tc]MIGO_GI[/tc]
  • Transfer Posting Plant-to-Plant [tc]MIGO_TR[/tc]
  • Cancellation of Material Document [tc]MIGO_TR[/tc]
  • Create Physical Inventory  Document [tc]MI01[/tc]
  • Activate Posting Block [tc]MI02[/tc]

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