A Must SAP ABAP Tutorials Document For Beginners

Actually in this 500 pages document you will find the contents from’s ABAP Tutorials which each are explained step by step with screenshots. Someone has compiled them to into a single document and I think it is a must for all SAP ABAP Programmers. Some of the tutorials in this extensive document are;

  • Creation of Transparent Table
  • Creating a Structure in ABAP Dictionary
  • Working with Table Maintenance Generator
  • Creation of a Logical Database
  • Dynamic Selection Screen (Drop downs, pushbuttons, radio buttons, icons)
  • Create Dynamic Patterns
  • Table Control using Wizard in Module Pool Programming and many more…

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A Complete Reference to ABAP Basics

Starting with the definition of R/3 Architecture Components, this document brings you to a complete overview of the almost all ABAP Basics. During the reading you will learn the common statements used in creation of ABAP Screens with given examples and then you will be introduced to Data Dictionary objects. The ongoing topics covered in this document are as follows:

  • Internal Tables : Purpose of Internal Tables, Types, Used System Variables…
  • Subroutines : Statements used in Subroutines…
  • Reports : Types of Reports…
  • Module Pool Programming (MPP) : Events used in MPP, Creation steps of a simple MPP…
  • Menu Painter
  • Batch Data Communication : Methods used in BDC: Direct Input Method, Call Transaction Method and Session Method…
  • LSMW ( Legacy System Migration Workbench) : Steps required to create LSMW
  • SAPScript : Components of SAPScript
  • Smartforms : Advantages, Components and Navigation Settings of Smartforms

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