SAP MM User Manual: Purchasing

Find below link to a very comprehensive Purchasing manual for most commonly used proccesses in SAP MM. Content of this step-by-step guide is as following;

  • Purchase requisition: Create Purchase Requisition for Account Assignment, Asset, Non Valuated materials, Stock materials [tc]ME51N[/tc], Change Purchase Requisition [tc]ME52N[/tc], Display Purchase Requisition [tc]ME53N[/tc], Assign source of supply to requisitions [tc]ME56[/tc]
  • Request for Quotation: Create Quotation [tc]ME41[/tc], Maintain Quotation [tc]ME47[/tc], Display Quotation [tc]ME48[/tc], RFQ Comparison [tc]ME49[/tc], Message Output RFQ [tc]ME9A[/tc]
  • Contract/APO: Create Contract with reference to PR [tc]ME31K[/tc], Create Contract with reference to RFQ [tc]ME31K[/tc], Change Contract [tc]ME32K[/tc], Display Contract [tc]ME33K[/tc]
  • Purchase Order/Release Order: Create Purchase Order for Account Assignment Asset, Non Valuated materials, Stock materials, Subcontracting & Repair [tc]ME21N[/tc], Change Purchase Order [tc]ME22N[/tc], Display Purchase Order [tc]ME23N[/tc]

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Beginner’s Guide to Daily SAP Purchasing Processes for Reference

This document contains step-by-step self notes with detailed screenshots to SAP Purchasing related daily processes. You can see the list of covered content below:

  • Assign and Process Purchase Requisitions [tc]ME57[/tc]
  • View Purchase Orders (ME23N & ME22N) [tc]ME23N[/tc]
  • Printing a Purchase Order [tc]ME23N[/tc]
  • Open PO Report [tc]ME2L[/tc]
  • MRP Rescheduling
  • Finding POs by Part Numbers [tc]ME2M[/tc]
  • Locating Vendor Information [tc]XK03[/tc]
  • Finding Spend by Supplier [tc]ME2L[/tc]
  • Interplant Shipments (MD04) [tc][/tc]
  • Blocked Invoices [tc]MRBR[/tc] & [tc]FBL1N[/tc]
  • Changing Purchase Groups [tc]MD04[/tc]
  • Faxing a SAP PO [tc]ME22N[/tc]
  • Obsolete Materials [tc]MD04[/tc]
  • Changing Lead times [tc]ME32K[/tc]
  • Safety Lead Time [tc]MM02[/tc] ( MRP2 Tab)
  • No Source List [tc]ME57[/tc]
  • Outside Processes – an Example of a process
  • NCMR Process [tc]QM03[/tc]
  • Managing Low Value Inventories (Process)
  • MRP and ROP

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