SAP FI Accounts Payable: Step by Step Guide to Frequently Used Business Process Procedures

Similar to the SAP FI General Ledger guide I shared previously, this document also explains frequently used business processes related to Accounts Payable module. You will find step-by-step details with screenshots from SAP ECC 6.0 screens. See the covered content below:

  • Create a Vendor Master Record (Centrally) [tc]FK01[/tc]
  • Change Vendor Master Record (Centrally) [tc]FK02[/tc]
  • Display Vendor [tc]FK03[/tc]
  • Display Vendor Account Changes (Centrally) [tc]FK04[/tc]
  • Block/Unlock of Vendor (Centrally) [tc]XK05[/tc]
  • Set Deletion Indicator for Vendor Master Record [tc]FK01[/tc]
  • Posting a Vendor Invoice [tc]FB60[/tc]
  • Post Vendor Credit Memo [tc]FB65[/tc]
  • Park/Edit Credit Memo [tc]FV65[/tc]
  • Posting a Vendor Invoice [tc]F-43[/tc]
  • Post Manual Outgoing payment [tc]F-53[/tc]
  • Down Payment Request [tc]F-47[/tc]
  • Posting A Vendor Down Payment [tc]F-48[/tc]
  • Process Vendor Down Payment Clearing [tc]F-54[/tc]
  • Reset Cleared Items [tc]FBRA[/tc]
  • Displaying Vendor Balances [tc]FK10N[/tc]
  • Displaying and Changing Customer Line Items [tc]FBL1N[/tc]
  • Clear Vendor [tc]F-44[/tc]

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SAP AP (Accounts Payable) User Training Manual

In this user training manual for SAP Accounts Payable sub-module, you will find step by step instructions for the following processes in detail;

  • Vendor Master Creation [tc]FK01[/tc]
  • Vendor Invoice Processing [tc]FB60[/tc]
  • Vendor Credit Memo (Deductions) [tc]FB65[/tc]
  • Vendor Down Payment Request [tc]F-47[/tc]
  • Vendor Down Payment (Advance to Vendor) [tc]F-48[/tc]
  • Logistics Invoice Verification (LIV) [tc]XK01[/tc]
  • Vendor Down Payment Clearing [tc]F-54[/tc]
  • Vendor Payment- Automatic Payment Program [tc]F110[/tc]
  • Vendor Payment with Check Printout [tc]F-58[/tc]

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SAP FICO Master Data Creation Notes, User Guides

In this document you will find Master Data related notes, end-user guides for SAP FI/CO. The settings are covered per requirements of specific company ( mostly CIN related ) but also applies to general knowledge.

  • Creation of General Ledger Account (FS00)
  • Extending GL accounts (FS15)
  • Creation of Primary Cost Element (KA01)
  • Maintaining Cost and Activity Type (KP26)
  • Allocation Cost Element
  • Creation of Secondary Cost Element (KA06)
  • Creation of Vendor Master Codes (FK01)
  • Creation of Customer Master Codes (FD01)
  • Creation of Internal Order Master (KO01)
  • Creation of Asset Master Codes (AS01)
  • Creation of Asset Sub-number Codes (AS11)
  • Creation of Bank Key Masters (FI01)
  • Creation of House bank (FI12)

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