SAP SD Variant Configuration Video Tutorials

Variant Configuration in SAP, was one of the very first thing I learnt during my college’s mandatory training at a furniture manufacturing company. There was the first place I heard about SAP, and where lead me these days :) Maybe late, but I feel lucky to find some video tutorials regarding Variant Configuration which will allow me to understand this process in deep. In this package, you will find 8 video tutorials each covering every bit of Variant Configuration. Covered topics are as follows;

  • Part 1: Setting up the material, and characteristics [tc]CT04[/tc]
  • Part2: Maintain Classes [tc]CL02[/tc]
  • Part3: Maintain The Configuration Profile [tc]CU41[/tc]
  • Part4: Variant Tables [tc]CU60[/tc]
  • Part5: Dependency Nets and Constraints [tc]CU21[/tc]
  • Part6: Creating the Interface [tc]CU50[/tc]
  • Part7: Class Items in BOMs
  • Part8: Setting Bom Quantities

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