SAP Capacity Planning

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This training manual provides a step-by-step to SAP PP Processes with all steps having screenshots and clear instructions. See below the outline of the document: Master Data In PP Module Bill Of Material (Bom) Work Center Routing Planned Independent Requirements MRP Stock/ Requirements List Production Order Execution & Production Order Change Capacity Planning Capacity Overload […]

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It has been a long time since i posted Production Planning related documents, information. Sorry for the few posts under PP, i will try to post more as i get more. I decided share some end-user manuals in two part. I do not need to create a series like i did for SAP Press Books […]

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In recent version of SAP, Work Centre works with  infinite capacity. After MRP Run, even if a particular Work Centre is overloaded, one will be able to Complete Production Order defined at that particular Work Centre. Capacity Evaluation can be used for analysis purpose & capacity Leveling can be used manually to allocate the load […]

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