SAP GUI for Windows CDs and patches are no longer available on http://ftp.sap.com/pub

Before downloading SAP GUI 7.10, make sure your pc meets the requirements from the following table

SAP GUI 7.10 System Requirements

Required Recommended
Windows Vista
Processor 800+ MHz 1+ GHz
Memory 512 MB 1GB
Windows XP
Processor 233+ MHz 500+ MHz
Memory 64 MB 192 MB
Windows 2000
Processor 200+ MHz 500+ MHz
Memory 128 MB 192 MB

You have to use the official download sites on SAP Service Marketplace (User-ID required).

  • SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 CDs (Compilations) can be found here
  • SAP GUI for Windows 7.10 Patches can be found here

(Thanks to Manu for the links above)

Other Download Links (Try to use download manager in any case of interruption) […]

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Print Options for SAPscript and Smart Forms (POSS) enables users to select individual print options depending on the selected printer model, such as input tray selection, stapling, double-sided printing etc. when printing a SAPscript or Smart Forms document. This means, printing a form generated from an SAP application by using SAPscript or Smart Forms tools.

This document describes implementation and usage of Print Options for SAPScript forms and SAP Smart Forms. […]

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Monday Links Roundup #5

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Dear Visitors,
I have published my 5th Links Roundup series on social.sapdocs.info site. It will be more appropriate to continue this serie there as i collect all other SAP related sites there, at one place. You can also follow the latest 5 posts of each sites under relevant categories.
My picks of this week are:

  1. Listen to a podcast created by a consultant with tips for SAP freshers who want to break into SAP.
  2. Get your CV or Resume reviewed by a recruiter expert for a very little amount of money.
  3. Learn how to generate Simple Transformation for XML in ABAP written by a consultant
  4. View video tutorial created by a SAP Mentor for the topic Flash Islands for WebDynpro with some advanced examples
  5. Learn what the differences are of ALE, EDI, IDOC.

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Monday Links Roundup #4

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I have not done links roundup for a while, but explored many sites for the time passed. Actually mostly i explored new links to be added to the directory of my new site social.sapdocs.info. As i find, i grab their rss feeds, add to the relevant category and display latest updates of those added sites automatically. By this way i try to provide visitors latest updates overall SAP sites at one place. This will be my last picks at this site, from now on i will post my top picks from other site in social.sapdocs.info

  1. SAPKD is a new published site where you can find mostly ABAP and SD related post currently, as time advances surely content will enrich with other topics.
  2. Another new site, SAP Analyst covers Materials Management topics with regular updates
  3. Want to learn how to create BSP and access to the created BSP Application ? Watch these videos casted by Niroshana
  4. An author, Shaun Snapp, runs a SAP SCM related site as repository to his work of writing SAP Press book titled Discovery SAP SCM. Not updated anymore, but he also has a very informative another site with great documents you must check!
  5. I wish all consulting firms have their own newsletters, because they really provide valuable information. Here is one of the best i have come accros, check Bluefin Solution Consulting Firm’s articles

As i explore more sites, i will add them to the directory so you can follow very recent updates there. I will also try to pick most valuable topics weekly, or bi-weekly in my new site.
Hope you find it useful.

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The ERPtips Journal (formerly SAPtips Journal) is a nationally respected SAP publication currently in its 6th year of publication with more than 7,000 readers from 300+ companies in over 50 countries.

Sign up to their bimonthly Free ERPtips Express Newsletters and get freshly-published articles and white papers, handy tips, best practices and notifications of upcoming events delivered to your inbox, six times a year and no subscription fee.

The following articles available through 1 May;

  • MM: Zero Superfluous Inventories with the Strategic Analytic Toolkit
  • Financials: Collections Management (FSCMCOL)
  • Human Resources: Understanding Retroactivity in SAP HR and Payroll
  • Basis: SAP Role Creation: Guidelines for Planning and Implementation

http://www.ERPtips.com/Express.asp (no charge)

A new set of four SAP articles will be posted on Tuesday, May 5th

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Before listing all, i want to introduce you my new site. You must have seen it at my blogroll links, check it at http://social.sapdocs.info
This site aims to collect the very latest posts from the other SAP related sites. For this i use their rss feeds, and so list of posts are updated as new publications made by the site owners. So you can call it as also SAP sites directory. The sites will be enhanced by day, so sooner you will get a very rich content from overall SAP sites. You can make your suggestions too, just drop me an e-mail at sapdocs.infoatgmaildotcom. If appropriate, site will be added the relevant category.

For my favourite finding overall  web are as follows;

  1. If you are new to ABAP, you must surely check this wiki like ABAP2Java site which intends to be a dictionary site.. There are over 300 articles to improve your knowledge.
  2. Find Human Resources, BI Reporting related defintions, user guides at Beacon State site
  3. Muhammad Asfan explains how to Change SAP Logo and Create Text on logon screen
  4. Read Arindam Ghosh’s various articles of ABAP Objects , Batch Data Communication(BDC), SAP R/3 System Architecture and many more HERE

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Sorry for delay of 3th edition of Monday Links..As i was very busy with term project preparation, so 1 day later here are top articles i have read over other SAP sites:

  1. AFC UpDownload in Web Dynpro ABAP
  2. In his latest ABAP Freak Shows series, Thomas Jung explores the new ACFUpDownload UI element that came in NetWeaver 7.01. In this video tutorial you will learn how you can write your own ICM Handler Class so that you can have silient, multiple file uploads and downloads directly to/from your ABAP Application Server

  3. SAP Web Dynpro for Java: Tutorial
  4. In this article author demonstrates how you can develop and deploy an application in Web Dynpro for Java.

  5. Future Development Tool for SAP BI
  6. Author discusses changes in SAP BI from BW 3.x to BW 7.0 and gives detailed overview of Visual Composer which came with SAP Netweaver 2004.

  7. eCATTs: The Basics 2
  8. After first part of eCATT article series, Colm Craddock has just released his very informative 2nd article for eCATT that he discusses test script editor and provides detail on how to record a test script using the SAP GUI mode.

  9. Podcast Updates @Jonerp.com on Impact of Offshoring and SAP BPX Skills and “Is SOA Dead? Other updates @Enterprisegeeks.com discusses on ABAP vs Java  Part 1. and  Part 2.

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