SAP PM: Solution Manual to Common Problems

This document provides solution descriptions to following list of commonly faced errors in SAP Plant Maintenance during day to day activities

  • Functional location does not exist [tc]IW21[/tc]
  • Euipment does not exist [tc]IW21[/tc]
  • No suitable documents found [tc]ME58[/tc]
  • Goods recipt for Purchase order not allowed [tc]ML85[/tc]
  • Purchase order has not released [tc]ME58[/tc]
  • No limit for unplanned services exists [tc]ME58[/tc]
  • Maintain the settlement rule of the sender [tc]KO88[/tc]
  • Maintain settlement rule [tc]IW32[/tc]
  • Document does not contain any selectable items [tc]MB1A[/tc]
  • Serial number already exists [tc]IE01[/tc]
  • Either the sender is already settled or There is nothing to settle [tc]KO88[/tc]
  • You cannot enter unplanned services [tc]ME58[/tc]

Download – SAP PM: Solution Manual to Common Problems

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