SAP ECC 6.0 FI Accounts Payable User Guide

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The Accounts Payable module in SAP is used for capturing all types of vendors? invoices, checking them against the relevant purchase orders, and process vendors? payments. Entries are automatically posted to the General Ledger, and therefore reconciliation between the Payable sub-ledger and the GL is unnecessary. In the same way, the system supplies the Cash Management application component with figures from invoices in order to optimize liquidity planning.

In this step-by-step manual following functions will be covered:

  • How to Request, Post and clear Down payment
  • How to enter incoming invoice and credit memo, park, change and display park invoice
  • Reversal and mass reversal, recurring, transfer posting, post with clearing and post incoming payment
  • How to view Balance analysis.
  • How to post manual outgoing payment
  • How to run automatic payment program
  • How to issue correspondence with vendor
  • How to valuate Open Item in Foreign Currency.
  • How to run Regrouping (Balance Sheet Supplement OI Analysis)
  • How to Carry Forward – Payable Balances
  • How to post Document Processing ( Statistical Posting)

Download SAP FI Accounts Payable End User Manual

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